User Reviews for SPQR

I've had so many 5-star iTunes reviews and wonderful emails from users, and I'm really grateful to everyone who takes the time to get in touch. Here are just a few:

  • "I teach both high school and college Latin classes. This is a great tool. To the creator: gratias multas! Everything he/she writes on the app advertisement page is accurate." - Magister McNair

  • "A step ahead of every other Latin app I've tried. The extra inclusions are amazing too. Literary repositories? Fantastic idea!" - Elevas

  • "Wow... This has to be the best app I've ever spent money on. You could spend months just reading all the content it has, and the dictionary is just as useful as any official one." - Toop777

  • "Thank you for this app! It has a lot of material all in one, from reading material to learning, which was what I was looking for. I've been checking the app store regularly to see if someone had created something like this, and am very happy to find this." - LynndeST

  • "This is an outstanding app... The amount of cool information is exceptional, well organized, the flip from latin to English on the fly is instant, I cannot wait to share with my colleagues and students ... This app is more than Latin instruction ... It's more like a library of great books... Caesar, Livy, Vitruvius, Cato, Cicero... and more." - TBerry451

  • "Excellent app for Latin students! It covers everything I need for AP Latin VI. Well worth the price paid." - Animosa

  • "The sheer volume of material is nearly overwhelming. Definitely worth the price." - Kevbo SF

  • "I have to say that this is an astonishingly clever app, which manages to deal with an academic study of Latin in an entertaining and informative style. The bonus of having real history articles and books adds a remarkable finishing touch. Brilliant app, silly price, deserves to do really well." - Maryhaba

  • "Amazing amount of classic Latin content, perfect for those interested in not just the language but the historic texts. Will keep me interested and busy for a long time. Also the developer is very responsive, great app and great developer." - Kludger

  • "I bought this app a couple of days ago, and am still coming to terms with how fabulous it is... If you love (or even like) Latin, I can't imagine you could be disappointed with this app. It does all that the creator promises, and it does it oh so well." - TuTubusLatinus

  • "This app is a Swiss Army Knife of Latin resources. As it is it's good enough for anyone who is comfortable reading Latin and wants to keep his classic texts all in one convenient app." - Jerrykim

  • "A one-stop shop for all things Latin. So many texts and other great stuff. Obviously a labour of love. This is all I need to kick off learning Latin in earnest. Thanks." - JantjeD

  • "Note to Maker: Here is some good advice to you. You can take a break, and edit the app as casually as you want, because this app is already spectacular. But before you relax, RAISE THE PRICE!! You have no idea how great of an app this is. You could pass this thing off for AT LEAST $10.99." - Vincent Mutolo

  • "What a colossal source of useful and integrated information! This will become my most used app for sure." - iClaudiusAD

  • "Still exploring this app, but it is immediately clear that it is extremely well conceived and impressively executed. It is both dictionary, Latin tutor, and text collection of classic Roman writers and historians. Outstanding!" - Sgt. Markoff
  • "Phenomenal amount of content, all beautifully organised. An absolute bargain and a joy to use. Thoroughly recommend it." - Pikestaff
  • "I've been looking at and comparing all sorts of language apps, and Latin is one of my main interests. There are some large dictionaries, a few good texts, and some grammar references. But nothing comes anywhere near this! - Internauticus