More apps

If SPQR wasn't enough for you, you should check out Hacking with Swift, my tutorial that helps you learn to make iOS apps with Swift. I wrote some updates that will be helpful if you're particularly interested in all the new features in Swift 2 or what's new in iOS 9.

Alternatively, visit Hudzilla Games and read all about the awesome games I make for iPhone and iPad. Go on, take a look!

You can also find a longer and more detailed listing of other Latin iPad apps.

If you're looking for ecclesiastical Latin, you should take a look at iPieta - it works on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and comes with a really large collection of Christian texts in church Latin.

In my day job I work on FutureFolio, which is a digital magazine publishing solution for iPad, iPhone and Android - check it out!

You might also like SimpleStyler, which is an online CSS editor.