Our range of Latin and Greek apps

We have more Latin and Greek apps available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch than anyone else on the App Store, and we're proud of it. What's more, we're looking to improve all the time, so if you have any suggestions for new apps, please get in touch!

  • SPQR - our flagship app for Latinists of all levels, bringing together our dictionary, quotes, learning material, grammar tests and more under a single roof. But the real piece of magic unique to SPQR is its vast collection of Latin reading material, putting Augustus, Catullus, Vitruvius, Vergil and more into your pocket in both English and Latin. Read more >>

  • Ancient Greek - our premier app for Greek students combines the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek dictionary, quotes and a vast collection of Greek reading material, putting Aeschylus, Aristotle, Euripides, Homer, Plato and more into your pocket in both English and Greek. Read more >>

  • Mythology is a beautiful new iPad app that teaches 10 classical tales of mythological adventure, adding in games and achievements to help ensure students have fun while they learn. Read more >>

  • Certamen is the official iPad version of the NJCL's quiz game for classics students, incorporating over 12,000 questions and a slick user interface. Read more >>

  • Speed Latin blends fast-paced gaming with Latin verb conjugation and word finding, making a game that's as entertaining as it is educational. Plus it includes a free trial, so give it a try today! Read more >>

  • Latin Builder is an innovative new Latin tool that teaches Latin grammar while also teaching some mythology. Get to grips with the stories of Perseus and Hercules, plus the whole first book of Caesar's Gallic Wars, and see what all the hype is about! Read more >>

  • Latin Hangman - a time-honoured game backed by a time-honoured language - what's not to like? Read more >>

  • Latin Pairs is the easiest way to pick up basic Latin vocabulary, and helps you learn over 100 core Latin words spilt into several categories. Did we mention it was fun too? Give it a try! Read more >>

  • Latin Word Search is the best way to have kids practise Latin spelling without realising they were doing it - and it comes with several difficulty levels depending on age group. Read more >>

  • Latin - our most popular Latin game requires students to translate from English definitions into Latin words, then spell those words correctly by finding matching letter tiles. Graded for beginners upwards. Read more >>

  • Latin Scramble is a fun new anagram word game that makes you re-arrange dice to find Latin meanings of English words - it has thousands of levels to try, and is perfectly tuned even for beginners! Read more >>

  • Virgil Out Loud takes four key passages from the Aeneid, provides you with brief context of the story so far, then reads out each passage line by line with beautifully authentic Latin. Even better: it's totally free! Read more >>

  • Latin Parser is the only Latin typing tool that reads every word you type in Latin, then converts it all into English by finding the root meaning of the word and producing a running vocabulary. Fast, simple and indispensable for students. Read more >>

  • Latin Grammar - our standalone Latin grammar test was designed to give kids a customisable testing tool for their iDevices. Read more >>

  • Latin + - combines Lewis & Short's comprehensive work with Whitaker's Words to produce what is easily the App Store's largest Latin word reference. Read more >>

  • Ancient Greek Dictionary - provides a fully searchable version of the Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek-English lexicon that works offline and even lets you reverse search for English words. Read more >>

  • Latin Flashcards Learn Latin vocabulary the fast and easy way by creating flashcard decks as you learn! Just type in the Latin and English translations for each word you want to memorise, and this app will do the rest. Read more >>

  • Latin Bible brings together the Latin vulgate with the Douay-Rheims English translation in a fresh new way that makes for a stimulating and enlightening read. Read more >>

  • Learn Latin - A New Latin Grammar, the Comic Latin Grammar plus Ritchie's Fabulae Faciles all in one power-packed learning bundle. Read more >>

  • Latin Phrases + - Get words of wisdom from the Roman world neatly wrapped up in an attractive interface. Read more >>

Please note: SPQR is our flagship app for a reason: it incorporates Latin Grammar, Latin +, Learn Latin and Latin Phrases + into a single purchase, while adding many more features such as Latin reading, photos, a Roman numeral converter, historical articles and more. If you already own SPQR, the only other apps you need from us are the games. If you don't already own SPQR, what are you waiting for?