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Who we are

Romans Go Home! is the home of the App Store's largest collection of apps for Latin students of all levels, making Latin apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Mac OS X. Our flagship app is called SPQR, and brings together a wealth of material such as books in Latin and English, dictionaries, grammar tools, learning guides, photos of archaeological sites, and more. We also make games for Latin students, which can really bring your classroom alive!

We love Latin as much as you do, and we consider it our mission to help kids and adults alike learn Latin using their phones and tablet devices - if you have any suggestions for how we can make our apps better, please get in touch!


Are you a Latin student or Latin teacher?

Please make sure you read our Students and Teachers page to see how you can save 50% on our apps. We feel very privileged that our apps are already being used in curricula around the world, and we'd love to do whatever it takes to support you if you have suggestions for new apps.


About SPQR

SQPR: the ultimate app for learning Latin on your iPhone or iPad!

SPQR is the ultimate app for Latin lovers, Latin teachers and Latin students who want to immerse themselves in the language, presenting dozens of texts in Latin and English, a comprehensive and searchable Latin dictionary, a grammar tester, numeral converter, quotes and phrases of ancient wisdom, language learning tools and much more.

Best of all, SPQR is a universal app, which means you buy it once and can use it on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Click here to see screenshots of SPQR running on iPhone and iPad!

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  • Full, fast searchable copy of the Lewis & Short Latin lexicon - it searches as you type, showing either short definitions or full definitions along with citations.
  • Full copies of classic texts in their original Latin, grouped either by author or genre, including:
    • The Bello Civili (Civil War) and Bello Gallico (Gallic War) by Julius Caesar (bonus English copies included!)
    • Res Gestae by Augustus (bonus English copy included!)
    • The Poems of Catullus (bonus English copy included!)
    • The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius (bonus English copy included!)
    • Metamorphoses by Apuleius
    • Four landmark speeches by Cicero
    • Plus Horace, Juvenal, Cato, Vitruvius and more!
  • Full copies of the works of Virgil: the Aeneid, the Georgicon and the Eclogues, all in both Latin and English. Yes, that's right: this app includes the complete Aeneid in Latin and English alongside everything else!
  • A full copy of Edward Gibbon's immense history, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.
  • Full copies of A New Latin Grammar, The Comic Latin Grammar and Fabulae Faciles - three time-tested books to help you master Latin.
  • Built-in grammar test that checks your skill at conjugation all groups of Latin verbs in multiple ways.
  • Built-in Roman numeral converter, converting both from Arabic to Roman and Roman to Arabic.
  • A selection of historical articles explaining key concepts of the Roman empire - architecture, citizenship, religion and more.
  • Dozens of quotes from ancient Roman sources, along with their English translations.
  • Many original photos of Roman remains, including Rome itself, Pompeii and more.


Instant translation

Many of the key works were broken up by their authors into small sections, and we've used that to present to you for the first time ever section-by-section Latin to English translations. That means you can be reading Caesar's original Latin description of his battles in Gaul, then tap a button and jump to an English translation exactly where you left off.

All those texts above marked as having an English translation make use of this instant translation feature - it's really cool to use, and you can flip back and forwards as often as you want!

Finally you can dive into original Latin texts without fear, and without splashing out on expensive Loeb Classics books.


Why SPQR is best

Some apps give you just the Lewis and Short dictionary; some give you just the Aeneid, or just the Rise and Fall; some are just Roman numeral converters or just grammar testers. SPQR takes all of them, adds a huge amount more - over 10,000,000 words in total - and puts it together into one app at a great price. Seriously, once you've experienced reading Caesar or Catullus in their original language, there's no going back...

SPQR has been a labour of love for me, and I really want to make sure it remains the best app for Latinists, so please get in touch - thank you! And remember: Learn Latin, live longer!